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enquiries to neoteaika@gmail.com

Looking for something in particular? Have a look below! If you need a service that isn't on this list but is media related, need work for commercial purposes, need something more specific or would otherwise like to get in contact, send me a message and we can work together to figure out the best options for you!


All audio work is delivered as 16-bit 44.1khz FLAC and/or WAV format by default, but just let me know and it can be additionally exported to whatever formats you need!


Consultation for all projects is of course free! Contact me if you'd like to discuss any additional details.



  • Music
    • Need backing tracks, fully original music, jingles, stingers or a rad soundtrack? I'm an experienced arranger and composer, and can get you the new attention grabbing track you're needing! This includes covers, rearrangement, and MIDI transcriptions!
  • Effects
    • Super special sound effects, custom foley, weird and wacky sounds or immersive ambience? Look no further! With a mix of recording real world and digital sounds, I can design your effect today!
  • Voice
    • English VO for advertisements, music, shorter or longer media! I handle it all! My voice is naturally suitable towards pop/rock, advertisement, radio, announcer voiceovers, but I'm ready to try anything! All audio is recorded professionally with studio industry quality in terms of fidelity, noise level and acoustic treatment.
  • Recording
    • Are you based in local Wellington, New Zealand? A face to face session can be organized to record your voice, instruments or other sounds in person, with high quality gear! Contact for further details to arrange around the schedules of all parties involved.

Software Solutions

  • Game Audio
    • Need an extra pair of hands to implement audio solutions into game development? I have experience working with several engines and can offer advice or directly contribute to making your sound make sounds! Get in touch if you'd like to discuss further, including file formats and languages or game engines that are involved.

Sound Design

  • Sampler Processing
    • I can process audio through any of the samplers (AKAI S2000, YAMAHA SY700) to give your sounds a unique gritty colour.
  • Sampling
    • I can sample custom patches for/from any hardware synthesizers I have directly, or sample them having run through the sampler, same as above. Samples can be delivered in WAV+SFZ (recommended), WAV+Kontakt, EXB or SF2 formats.
  • Instrument / Synth / Effect Sound Design
    • I can create custom patches for hardware and software synthesizers I own to your order. Hardware is available as SysEx files, or can sample as above to get you the special original sounds  you need! VST patches will be delivered in the format exported/imported by the VST.

Media Processing

  • Project Mixing / Mastering
    • Need a hand to finalize your existing work, achieve a better listening balance or preparing for videos or marketplaces? I can help with that, including preparing your work to sound bigger and better on media streaming services!
  • Editing / Processing
    • Have vocals, guitar stems, drum tracks but you think they could be improved? Send over your stuff and I can help you to trim, normalize, noise reduce and enhance the quality to a professional level! I can custom process guitar work through my collection of effects and amp sims, or make your tracks dominant and spacious with the perfect touch of reverb. Compression / EQ / Dynamics work also available!
  • Video Work
    • I don't just handle audio! Need someone to put together files you have for a video, 2D motion graphics, or upscaling and render enhancement? I've got you covered!