343 Industries, Independent, Odyssey Sound Team, VKMT

Since 2019 (and more recently alongside 343 Industries since 2022),
I've been involved in multiple projects within the Halo community.

Though initially focused on audio/music dev, my recent work further expanded into wider game production.

Crash Site

Project co-lead, cinematics, scripting, encounter design, audio production, marketing & promo.
An new campaign mission for Halo Combat Evolved, built to be a quality showcase of engine improvements and Digsite assets updated into Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

In a week, Crash Site achieved most subscribed original Halo campaign, inspired a '#BringHaloModsToXbox' trend on Twitter, and appeared across community supported appearances in Times Square.

It currently resides as the 7th highest subscribed Halo mod on Steam Workshop with 21K+ subscribers.


Audio design & production, asset implementation, technical documentation.
A preservation project spearheaded by 343 Industries, examining internal production archives (incl. Bungie circa. 1998) to reconstruct and restore legacy series content as retail game-ready assets and internal reference material.

Digsite assets first shipped in the July 2023 update via Halo: The Master Chief Collection, the Mod Tools and a Git repository.


Media production, session instrumentation, community management.
Music production in Halo 3: Combat Evolved, The Silent Cartographer: Evolved & SPV3, and collaboration with AlyxGMusic & Jafet Meza.

Event moderation and media production for Halo Modding Reclaimers & Halo Mods and their annual mod showcases.


Foley recording, sound design, music composition, map design.
Weapon SFX design and music production for CE+, Halo 2: Uncut, Reach Evolved and Closure.

Additional audio, map & script design on unreleased projects & a 2021 contest submission.


Project lead, music and video production, project management
A personal exploration into the music of Halo, fully documenting and reconstructing the soundtracks with the original audio software/hardware, having more recently expanded to include Myth & Oni.

Odyssey includes myself, Nick Mitchell and Owen Spence, as a long-term collaborative production.

The Marty Army

Podcast and event production, community management.
Founder & co-admin of The Marty Army Discord server, managing an 8K+ peak member community, with 1.2K+ peak live event attendance. Media production.

Not A Halo Podcast

Reoccuring podcast member.
A 14-episode community podcast alongside AlyxGMusic, TravellingHalo, Wernissage, produced by Psuedofusion Productions.

Last updated: September 21 2023, GMT+12