Smaller forays into gamedev, and other occasional projects over the years.

id Tech studies

id Tech (Quake, Quake II, DOOM 3, Quake IV)
Environment, true-3D space and encounter design studies, built with Doom Builder, Trenchbroom and GTKRadiant.

My most recent explorations since 2022 have further explored working with idTech 4, full realtime lighting and the integration of 3D models and custom art assets into my design, via DarkRadiant & Affinity Designer. Occasionally I post these on Twitter.


What started as "Crater was fun, what if we built a whole megawad" - which never quite came to fruition, based on a short story I wrote about a space scavenger's journey through starship graveyards, on the run from an alien horror.

This project explored a custom sound system that combined MIDI and tracker modules into realtime dynamic music in the GZDoom engine, and in-world computers that would react to player input based on proximity.

MIDI music

Roland GS, GM, Yamaha XG
Various original MIDI compositions for my maps and other community projects.

Most of these were written for playback on a Roland SC-55 Sound Canvas - on the right is a playlist of some of my favourites.

The Crater

Doom 2 (GZDoom)
Mapping, scripting, music
Created for the DUMP 3 community map pack, The Crater takes the player through a techbase construction with brief cutscene scripting, an open level layout, custom music and the usual DOOM tricks and traps.

The version in DUMP 3 is an older build, unwanted chicanery in the map remains in the public version. Still a blast to make, and the first community project I worked on.

Space0ut / Heated Discussion / Endeavour

Marathon ∞ (Aleph One)
Mapping, writing, music
Custom maps built with Forge & Weland for Marathon Infinity.

Space0ut (linked) and Heated Discussion are deathmatch maps.
Endeavour is a singleplayer TC featuring 8 levels, a new story and soundtrack, and custom story terminals. The music had both a MIDI and arranged version.


Construct 2
Game design, music
Asteroids meets Galaxian, which was my favourite Atari 2600 game.

Put together with bits and pieces of duct tape, and Construct 2. All I have of this is the video of the very first version that had actual working score.

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